sustainable supply chain

Responsibly procure all goods and services
Ensure supply chain partners are selected against responsible and ethical criteria using the principles of ISO 20400

"I have been impressed with the way Tarmac has embraced the sustainable procurement agenda. Governments, customers and civil society around the world are demanding to know more about how supply chains are managed in a sustainable way."
Shaun McCarthy, OBE, 
Action Sustainability

Tarmac has committed to procure all goods and services in a responsible way.
Achieving this means we need to have full traceability of the materials we buy and fully understand the potential risks that are inherent in our supply chain.


Pallets returned and reused in 2017
All products certified as responsibility sourced to BES 6001
Tarmac Innovation challenge to our supply chain
Managing supply chain risk

We take a proactive and innovative approach to responsible procurement. We believe that buying better means both delivering the best procurement contracts available and providing supply chain assurance that integrates sustainability into our procurement decisions. We have a Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethical Procurement Code that sets out our standards and expectations for suppliers. Our procurement team has responsibility in supporting the delivery of our responsible sourcing strategy which is aligned to the principles of the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement - guidelines.

Sourcing and selling with integrity

It is important for us to be able to give our customers confidence in the products we sell by being open and transparent in how our products have been sourced, manufactured and transported in a responsible and ethical way. To demonstrate this we’ve worked hard to ensure that Tarmac’s range of products are certified against BES 6001 the framework standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products and rated ‘excellent’. This is a major achievement for our business and we believe we are the first company in our sector to achieve this across the full product range.

Supply chain innovation

Innovation in our supply chain is key in helping Tarmac to achieve many of its ambitious sustainability goals. We continue to work with our customers and supply chain partners and in 2017 made significant progress in working towards a circular economy with our pallet repatriation scheme. Working with customers such as B&Q and Wickes, together with our transport and logistics partners, we have increased the number of pallets returned to a staggering 145,000 per annum. This delivers cost saving benefits for us and our customers and provides wider sustainability gains.

Innovation challenge

Looking forward, Tarmac is keen to work more closely with its suppliers using their understanding of how we operate and the product / service innovations they can offer to help make our business better. In 2018, we will launch the Tarmac Innovation Challenge and will be calling upon current and potential supply chain partners of all sizes across the UK to share innovative ideas that will drive innovation, support our sustainability objectives and deliver even greater value for our customers.

Upholding Human Rights

Our commitment to human and labour rights is implemented through our Code of Business Conduct (CoBC), which is implemented across all CRH businesses. In 2017, in coordination with our parent company, we published our first Modern Slavery Statement. We are confident that we uphold human rights to the highest standards within our own operations. However, being able to say the same thing with confidence about our supply chain is another challenge entirely and one we focus on as a priority.

During the year Tarmac pledged its commitment to the Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) Construction Protocol. This document seeks to establish a voluntary information sharing agreement to raise awareness and drive out modern slavery from the construction sector.