Pallet return supports circular economy


Tarmac has been working with customers such as B&Q and Wickes, together with our transport and logistic partners to encourage the recovery of pallets for repeated use. The cost model incentivises major customers to return used pallets and suppliers to remanufacture and redistribute pallets instead of using valuable resources to produce new ones.

By working closely with both customers and supply chain partners, Tarmac has reduced the amount of resources in our supply chain – delivering mutual cost saving benefits and wider sustainability
gains. This would not have been achieved without a collaborative gain share approach, led by the Tarmac Category Manager.

Tarmac has now doubled its use of repatriated pallets over five years - moving up to 145,000 per annum. This is tracked through regular reporting requirements from our suppliers. Steve Weller, Procurement Manager, said, by reviewing the use and management of our pallets 19,000 trees saved over the past five years.


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“Our pallet return innovation has saved over 19,000 trees.”

Steve Weller, Procurement manager, Tarmac